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Precision casting technology in ancient China

Time: 2017-03-15 03:11:19

As a company for many years engaged in precision casting technology, we have a certain understanding of precision casting technology, we have strong economic strength and advanced production equipment, exquisite manufacturing products is excellent, is your trusted choice, the next Xiaobian introduce ancient precision casting technology in china.

In ancient China, Wu Ding: Prince copper ban, bronze and so on, are precision casting casting masterpiece. Since 1940s, investment casting has been developing at a relatively fast rate for half a century. Especially in Europe and the United states. Now the investment casting used in aviation, Ordnance Department, in almost all industrial sectors, especially in electronics, petroleum, chemical, energy, transportation, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, pumps and valves and other departments. In recent years, China's rapid development.

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