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Sand casting of Yantai precision casting

Time: 2017-03-15 07:14:07

Our company mainly engaged in precision casting enterprise, our company will adhere to the business reputation and the principle of equality and mutual benefit, provide the most excellent service to customers, creating more perfect works! The next Xiaobian introduce you about precision casting sand casting.

Precision casting sand casting: in all casting production, 60~70% castings are produced with sand, and about 70% of them are produced with clay sand. The main reason is the low cost, simple production process and short production cycle. Therefore, the engine cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft and other castings are produced by the clay wet sand process. When the wet type can not meet the requirements of the use of clay sand table dry sand, dry sand or other sand. The casting weight of the clay sand can be from a few kilograms to several tens of kilograms, while the dry casting of the clay can weigh up to tens of tons.

The above is about the introduction of precision casting, I hope you can help. We have the quality of service and to obtain the trust of our customers, welcome customers to visit our company, let us make a win-win situation, create a better future.