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The effect of metal temperature on precision casting in Yant

Time: 2017-03-15 02:19:23

My company has investment casting, machining, assembly and testing can be widely used in medicine, food, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, following small Yantai precision Foundry Company to introduce the influence of metal temperature on precision casting:

In the precision casting process, the metal temperature is the dominant factor, so it has a direct impact on many quality characteristics. If the measurement and control of improper temperature difference of metal on the finished casting size, grain size, porosity (surface and internal), mechanical performance, product quality (i.e. hot tearing tendency), affect the full aspects of thin sections. Therefore, the improvement of the measurement and control of metal temperature will improve the quality and productivity, reduce maintenance and labor costs, reduce test costs and liability costs, etc..

The above is a brief introduction of Yantai precision Foundry Company, hoping to help you, my company is a collection of scientific research, design and development, manufacturing as one of the stainless steel valve manufacturing enterprises. If you have this demand, welcome to contact us, we are willing to work with you hand in hand.